Game Project Proposal

Course : Multimedia and Human Computer Interaction

Members of the project: Andreas Sukardi Teja, Jeremy Ponto, Kevin Herman Otnieliem

The team will make a game which is adapted from Timun Mas and The Giant, a story that came from Central Java. The player will play as Timun Mas which will try to escape from The Giant. If the player cannot keep up with the giant, it will be an instant game over which will display the final score of the player.

The game will be a two-dimensional, right-moving platformer with dynamic backgrounds which will change according to the story, starting from The Farm, Sea, Jungle, Cucumber Field, until The Swamp. The obstacles will be gradually more difficult as the player traverses place by place. The game will have cutscenes which will be a mixture of text in a comic-like layout and a narrator’s voice which will be avalable as the player progresses farther.

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